API Config

I’m trying to send payments via through my Bubble App. I am having an issue setting up the authentication type for the API calls. I think it is OAuth2 User Agent flow, but Im not sure. There is no real help in the Bubble documentation on what each field does. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

I think this depend of what you want. Do you want to use your account? If yes, the authorization header seem to be just apikey:apisecret. If you want your user to connect to their own checkbook account, you need to use oauth2

Hey @Jici
I want users in my app to be able to send payments and receive payments as well. I think I’ve set up the OAuth2 User-Agent Flow correctly, but I’m not sure which fields are required. For example, I’m not sure if the User Profile Endpoint input is necessary. I left it blank since I wasn’t sure what to input there based on the documentation.
Also, I can’t figure out what the warning means at the bottom that says I need to implement a login workflow and authenticate with the service. I will attach a screenshot below:

You didn’t set all requested field for oauth. the access token you set is the authorize endpoint. The access token should be:
Didn’t find really informations abour user profile endpoint that will return email and id
So you may need to authenticate user using bubble and after use a manual authentication process to add the connection to API.
[Showcase] Manual OAuth2 Token Integration


Ah I see. Okay. I’m starting to understand the difference between endpoint authorization and bearer tokens now. I did not see that helpful forum post. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the help and forum post, Jici!

So I am following the guide you provided so far. I completed user authentication on my app with Checkbook through a user portal, and I received a code to use in my API calls. However, I get stuck at Step 4 where I have to initialize the call using the code. I see the following error every time I try to initialize the Get Token call:

Here is my API configuration: