Checkbox are classified as Checked but graphically are still Unchecked

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using checkboxes to make a repeating Group of images that you can select and download. I also have a “Select All” button that selects them all, and I tried doing the following steps:

  1. I tap on “Select All” and everything gets checked
  2. I untap one random checkbox
  3. I tap again on “Select All” and the checkbox counts as Checked in the debugger, but graphically it’s still Unchecked.

If everyone has an idea or has experienced this bug, please let me know. It would be good if we’d come to a solution

Hey there, thanks for posting! How do you have the “Select all” feature set up? There can definitely be some trickiness between checkboxes and the debugger, so this may require a Bug Report.

Hi @aschofer , sorry for the late response!
I did the following things:

  1. I created a list state in my RG and at the start of the app I put it blank
  2. Whenever I hit the button, i put every item of the RG inside the state
  3. Every checkbox check automatically if the Current Cell object is in the list state

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