Checkbox data saved in database

Hi there! I need help! I have two checkboxes on the sign up page, and for safety reasons I need the email that is entered in the email-input field to be saved with the checkbox values so that if there is any issues, one can go to the database and see that this and this email has checked the privacy policy and terms of services! I have made the “sign up” button un-clickable before checking the boxes, but not sure how to do the database work.

help??? thanks!

I’ll re-iterate the previous answers you’ve already had to this same question on your other post…

  1. Make sure you have the required fields set up on your User datatype (i.e. yes/no fields for ‘Privacy Policy Checked’, and ‘Terms of Service Checked’).

  2. When you sign up your new Users, set those field values to yes (assuming the boxes have been checked)

  3. If necessary, use a conditional on the signup button to force the checkboxes to be checked, by making the button unclickable if they are not.

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How would this work with a Submit button to check if at least one checkbox is checked?