Checkbox not responding to conditional

I have a checkbox that I am using a conditional to set the box to be selected (checked) or not selected (unchecked)…After testing multiple times, deleting and recreating and checking again and pulling out my hair in confusion and frustration I am seeking help through labeling this a bug.

Below is the conditional logic as a screen shot

I set two different property changes on one condition in order to prove to myself, and I guess the world, that I’m not crazy and there is something wrong…My idea was to see if one or none or both of the property changes would take place when the condition is met.

Below is what happens on the page

On page load this is how things look:

Then when I select a single checkbox at a time

Then after I select checkbox for “Everyday”

So far things are working as they should. The underlying logic of the conditional is being met as all of my states are set appropriately…if it wasn’t set appropriately at this point we would not see the other days of the week become checked and displaying the day of the week text.

Now where the problem is, as one property change (unchecked) is not occurring, although the second property change of label change does occur on the same conditional as seen below: (note this is after checking “everyday” again to deselect all days of the week)

Notice how the first two days of the week check box (the ones I selected individually to start) are the only ones that remain checked however their labels change — meaning there is some kind of bug or issue with getting the unchecked preset status to change according to the set conditional.

I don’t know why this is happening. In the past I’ve had issues that after logging out and then back into bubble and reloading my app things that weren’t working as expected began to work properly, however with this issue I’ve had no success.

Any ideas of why this would be happening?

By the way, notice the change when I click on the “checked” box…

It doesn’t display the day of week text because it is not setting the state to include in the list that the condition is set to…this is because there is not change in the states as the checkbox isn’t really checked, instead it is some strange issue with the display.


Did you look at this in debug_mode? …if you simply add ?debug_mode=true to the end of the URL you’ll be able to look at how Bubble is evaluating the logic. I find this to be the easiest way to figure out where Bubble is interpreting things differently than I intend.

Hope this helps.

This is a common annoyance I have with Checkboxes and ‘Preset Status’. Because of this I actually almost always use an Icon with conditions on it instead of the Checkbox element. This also gives you more control over colour and sizing

The reason why this happens is that a Preset Status can only change the Checked Status when a Checkbox has not been manually changed. This is the same behaviour as ‘Initial Content’ for an Input element.
Once you make a change to the Checkbox’s status, it can no longer have a Preset Status unless it is Reset (putting in a Group and ‘Resetting’ the group everytime it is clicked might work for this, haven’t tested)

It works the same as an Input Element - you can set an ‘Initial Content’ to be a specific value and different conditions can change this Initial Content. But once you interact with and change the Input’s Value manually, the input can no longer have an Initial Content until it is Reset or the page is reloaded.


Thank you for the suggestion. I unfortunately have not had much positive experiences with the debugger.

Instead I usually test things by putting other elements onto the page to see how they react as most of the things I am attempting are CRUD so I find it easier to test by seeing how the data gets manipulated and changed.

Just a personal preference as this method has also allowed me to spend countless hours testing and retesting things to the point that I have learned so much from my mistakes that are visually easier for me to recognize this way.

Thanks for that. I have not needed to contain another element in a group for the resetting of values for a while now, but in the past have done so and it seems to be the trick. The problem in this situation is that the checkbox is contained in a repeating group and is the “current cell checkbox”…with this set up the group I contain the checkbox in is not available to reset when “everyday” is checked or unchecked. It only works if I am checking or unchecking the checkbox individually.

As such I suppose I could just set the custom states when the current cell is clicked and inside of the cell have an icon as you recommend which will do. In fact I’ve had to do this throughout building my apps in various places and I guess now I am remembering why that is.

Thanks for the help.

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