Checkbox one choice


I’m looking to disply the logitstic proivders as options to pick for the buyers after things to the cart

The problem with the checkbox it cant limit the options to one only , 'you can pick up many options , which is not my goal here ’

And how i can view it in choosed option in the database ?

Hi there, @arumizan… I’m not sure I understand your post, but if you are saying you want a user to be able to select only one option from a set of options, you should use a dropdown or radio buttons instead of checkboxes. If you use a dropdown, for example, simply save the dropdown’s value to a field when the dropdown’s value is changed or when a button is clicked, and you will be able to view the selected option in the database.

If this reply isn’t helpful, consider sharing some screenshots to clarify your question.


it works thank you for help

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