Checkboxe in repeating group 'this checkbox should be checked' not working?

I have a list of checkboxes that at least one should be checked before inserting the data into the database, I checked the ‘this should be checked’ but it’s not working.

Any guess or help? Thanks

Hi there, @Makks… it will be difficult for anyone to help here without knowing a lot more about your setup. Can you share some screenshots?


hey Mike thanks for the answer,
it’s a reapating group with the checkbox
but since the selection can be multiple the selected boxed go into a custom state that gets added to the data list, probably that’s why the control check on the boxes doens’t go trough?
So i should add a check on the content of the custom state but i’d loose the red focusing of the checkboxes that are empty or I could make it myself

I’m still not sure exactly what you are doing, but if you are setting a custom state when the checkboxes are checked, couldn’t you check to make sure the custom state isn’t empty when the user attempts to insert the data into the database?

Edit: it looks like you updated your response after I replied, and you know you can do what I suggested.

Yes, i thought that in fact i just edited my previous comment, I think i’d loose the automatic function the focuses in red the checkboxes that can’t stay empty or could i make a similar function (i’m new here)?

It’s still hard to know what’s going on given the tiny screenshot you shared and not being able to see any workflows, but again, checking the custom state and doing some sort of highlighting/messaging when it’s empty definitely seems like a way you could go here.

the workflow takes some text inputs and the saved states lists and create a data entry, if text inputs are empty you can’t submit, but you can even if checkboxes are not checked, i assume it’s cause it’s not a ‘direct’ submission so it doens’t work

however, i’m having a hard time understanding how i can check if a list is empty :confused:

Check if a list is empty where? On an element like a button or an icon? In a workflow? As I have mentioned in every one of my responses, it is difficult to help you without knowing exactly what you are trying to do, and you still aren’t providing the details.

The check in the workflow that I have to make before creating a data entry to see if the list in the custom state is empty or not

You can put a condition on the workflow event to have the event run only when the page’s/element’s custom state is not empty.

i know that but i can’t seem to find the correct expressions
I’m now trying :list’s each item is not empty formatted as text doesn’t contain “yes”, but it doens’t seem tobe working