Checking Conditions : Nested Loop


I am building a Typeform like application where I give the possibility to my user to create his own conditions.

Here is the flow:

1 - The user creates his form by adding different types of blocks (Short Text, Single Select, Multiple Select, dropdown, yes/no etc…)

2 - He creates his conditions which are linked to a block:

If the answer to Block 1 is “Answer A” then add a point to variable “a

If the answer to Block 1 is "Answer B
If the answer to Block 1 is “Answer C” then add a point to variable “b”.

3 - The form is sent to different people.

4 - The respondent clicks on an answer and I record his answers

5 - Once the form “submitted” I need to check if for each answer there is a condition and if it is respected.

Here is my problem:

I can’t figure out how to go over each condition and check if the condition is met.

I tried different plugins like “For Each”, “Loop”… unfortunately without success

My goal:

For each block, compare the response to each condition, if “true” => execute the condition action (add, minus, dividide , multiple) by the number specified by the user.

If you have any clues, I’m interested, because I’m completely blocked …

Thanks for your help !

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