Checking for the uniqueness of emails and a nicknames has stopped working

Hello everyone. I ran into a problem that I can’t solve.

I have two pages - a user registration page and an authorization page.

On the registration page, when the user fills in the “email” and “nickname” fields, I want to check for the uniqueness of the entered email and check for the uniqueness of the entered nickname, and if the check is not passed, I need to output the corresponding error.

The fact is that I was already able to implement it and it worked, but at some point it just stopped working. Apparently, I made some changes that disrupted the operation of these methods and I can’t figure out what exactly became the problem. I ask for your help.

So, to begin with, I show you that in my DB there is a data type - “User”, with the necessary fields: “Email” and “Nickname”.

Next, you can see that a user with an email " " already exists in the database.

So, if I will try to enter this email address in the “email” field, an error should be displayed.

Now, I will demonstrate how this is implemented in my workflow. (I repeat - it worked before, but for some reason it stopped working).

Similarly, checking for the uniqueness of nicknames on the registration page has stopped working.

Similarly, checking the uniqueness of emails on the authorization page has stopped working.

Please, help me guys, idk what to think :frowning:

Hi there, @faxtrot117… this probably isn’t the case if it was working before, but it couldn’t hurt to make sure any privacy rules you have in place on the User data type aren’t getting in the way. Have you already checked that?


I didn’t change the standard privacy rules. Maybe I should tick this boxes? I don’t understand if it will be safe.

Sorry, I’m new.

Can you tell me if I’m doing the uniqueness check correctly in my workflow? Maybe there are other ways to do this?

It looks like when I make uniqueness check it does not see any values in DB.

Yeah, that’s the issue. You are not allowing non-logged-in users to find other users in searches, so the system can’t do the uniqueness check. Just to see if it works, try checking the Find this in searches box under Everyone else, and you might have to check the boxes for email and Nickname, too.

Now, the above being said, I’m not sure why you are doing a uniqueness check on the email address because Bubble handles that for you already. If you are simply doing it because you want to display your own error message, there are other ways to do that.

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You’re just legend mate! Tnx a lot, it’s working now!

Yep, I do it cause I want to display my own error message.
For example, if I use standard bubble check, the check happened only when I click the button “done”. And the error displays like this

But I need to display the error message when the Email Input is not focused anymore and show error message with no pop-up method.


So if I no bother you, can you explain how to make this? Or maybe you just have the any tutorial link?

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No bother at all, and this post should help.

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