Checking if current users unique ID exists and the user has performed an action


  • I have a database list. That list will have vote up action.
  • I want to check if a user has voted on that database item.
  • If not then add the number.

The problem I am having is with validation wether the user has already voted or not. How do I do that? My idea was to check if that specific database item already has a unique id if not then add it. But I can’t get passed the expression builder for validation. It keeps throwing errors.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 8.09.49 PM

How do I check if a user has performed an action?

Hi @arthurleonov!

This is one way of many to approach this:

A vote is a thing
User has a list of votes
So the conditional could be > when current user’s list of votes CONTAINS current vote

Hi, @cmarchan ! How do I write the expression for this? Thats the part where I am stuck. I can’t find it in the documentation. The expression should be:

Do a search for > database > contains > and I am lost.

To those who will be reading this in the future, this is how I figured it out:

My conditional check with constraints:

I then update the field with data:

And then I just update the tally:

@arthurleonov I am glad things worked out :+1: