Checkout without needing a cart

Hi all,

I’m working on the ordering component of my app at the moment and seem to be hitting a road block, which usually means I’m thinking too much like a programmer. The ordering system needs to support Bank transfers, Credit cards (stripe, the easy bit), Purchase Orders. I’ve got all the data types setup and working if I manually create each.


I have a list of courses in a repeating group that can have multiple seats purchased at a time. This is selected with an input field for the quantity. I’m using RG Data + RG Extractor to update the UI with all the correct information and this is all working.

My issue is how do I get that information from the RG with the quantities, so I can use them in the workflow to create the order, order items, etc? If they choose to select 0 from a courses’ quantity, then I want to filter that out of the list.

From all the tutorials and I find related to ecommerce functionality, all of them seem to require to add each line item to a cart data type and then create the order. Am I missing something? Would using custom state fix this issue?

Can someone point me in the right direction, I would prefer not having to create a cart for the one page checkout flow I have currently.


Any reason you don’t want to create a cart? It’s pretty easy and doesn’t take up capacity etc in your database. Plus it also allows you to have the cart still available if the user refreshes/closes down browser. This also means you can have abandon cart flows.

Because I shouldn’t have to create a cart and store that information. This is a closed system that does not need abandoned carts. Requiring my users to have to add each individual course to a cart breaks UX.

I should be able to present a list of products, allow the user to select the quantity of each product and press create order. However, I can’t iterate over a list because bubble doesn’t support loops. Loops are essential in application development and data processing.

I ended up using a cart as I didnt have any more time to burn. This is the bubble way, so I’ll get used to doing things differently. Thanks for your suggestion @equibodyapp Even though I don’t really need the cart functionality, I don’t expect there will be more than 20 courses available. Although not ideal UX, I made it work.

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