Choosing every 5:th item on a list


I have a list of users and I would like to create a new thing (a group of users) with every 5:th of the users on that list. It is possible if you manually add every fifth item by saying #1 #6 #11 for instance. But since this “range” will change depending on a dropdown value, this doesn’t seem like best practice. For instance, sometimes the I will need to add every second or 4:th item on that list.

Grateful for help!

Something like when … #itemno / 5 modulo = 0

Replace 5 with whatever you want.

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Hello @NigelG and pardon me for the late response.

Is it possible to make a search for a user which index (in a repeating group) / 5 modulo = 0 ?

I have a repeating group with users and I want to pick every 5:th item on that list and put in another repeating group. Is it possible to do a search in that repeating group for a user which index / 5 modulo = 0?

(5 should be able to be any number )

What you could do is generate a list of item numbers, using the Toolbox plugin (so 1 to x with a step of 5), and then use that to pull back each #itemno from the user table sorted in the same way as you do the main one.

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I managed to use the ToolBox to generate numbers. But can you elaborate on “and then use that to pull back each #itemno from the user table sorted”. Couldn’t really understand it.

I can’t seem to use those numbers to specify which users on that list I want. @NigelG

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