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Chrome console showing that the app is built on Bubble

Hello @emmanuel ,

I´ve found that when you activate the console in your app it´s showing that the app is built on Bubble. I don´t want to show that to the users. How can I get rid off it?

Thanks a lot.

That’s in our code at a pretty low level, so we can’t remove it on a per user basis. The console is only for technical people though, so most users won’t see it, and if technical people are being curious, they can see how this is done.

Is there any way to get rid off it? With an upgrade payment or something?


Not currently but we’ll think about it.


It will be nice you add that since most of my users are technical people.

Thanks a lot Emmanuel.

@Bubble I wanted to echo @ryanck.

My preference would be to be able to turn on/off this message or have the ability to customize it. (Possibly as a feature specifically for Dedicated plans).

As well, within my app, it seems that it generates the message on each time I navigate between pages, not just from the index page.

I see the value in including it for curious people. But I haven’t come across any other apps that generate messages in the console similar to this.

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