Chrome lagging when updating a record (thing)?

Hi – I’m having a strange issue with Chrome. Before I go through the bug report process, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this or has any insights.

I have a page in my app that I use to create / edit / delete records (ie “things”). Basically it’s a repeating group I can filter and sort, and a form I can use to change an individual record.

The first time I open this page, it works fine. But if I then close Chrome and reopen later and reload the page, there’s a 10-15 second lag whenever I update a record (using a standard workflow that says “make changes to a…”) First the progress bar is slow, then it freezes momentarily. I’ve checked the debugger and it doesn’t reveal anything unusual.

If I clear the Chrome cache, close and reopen Chrome, then it works fine again and the record change is instantaneous. This issue does not seem to happen on Firefox. I can’t recall exactly when this behavior started, but I think it’s within the last month.

Am I missing anything here?

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