Chrome Login Problem

Is anyone else having login issues since Monday? All of a sudden I can’t login twice in a row from any of chrome, firefox, or edge on windows or chrome on my android device in normal mode. I have not updated my login workflow.

If I switch to incognito in any of those, I have no issues.

I get console errors and am struggling to understand what they mean.

Help greatly appreciated!

I haven’t had any issues personally, but on a related note I’ve been switching to Firefox recently as my app has gotten big enough to where I’m constantly having to shut down Chrome and restart due to memory constraints

i gave up on chrome a while back. bubble just seems to prefer firefox for development.

Thanks for the responses. This login issue is for end-users. I have no issue logging into bubble to work on the app using chrome, although I’ll be on the lookout for needing to switch.

I think there is a bug support is working currently.

will have to keep an eye on this. we tested a bunch of browser/os combinations of a deployed app before we started developing our current bubble project. this close to production hope there are no suprises

Appreciate it! Still an issue.

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