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Chronological order for selected items

Hi everybody,
I’m new on Bubble and before starting the buiding of my new app I would like to make sure it’s possible to build a very important feature for my project. The project is an app which would help people to better organize their renovations at their home.
The feature is about to choose different renovation steps in a list. Once they have finished to select, the selected steps are put in the good order in a calendar. Do you think it’s possible ? I guess yes but I want to be sure ? Thanks a lot for feedback about my question. If you’re any advice or documentation about my question, it will be a pleasure ti discuss about it with you.

Sounds simple enough… if you’re just starting out with Bubble then I definitely recommend going through the tutorials first to get to grips with some of the basics.

good luck with it :slight_smile:

Dear Adam,

Thanks for your feedback. I on the tutorials. Sure it gonna help me.
Let’s keep in touch.


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