Circular reference between primary fields


I’m looking up my data today on a same view I was consulting yesterday, but one of the fields says

“Circular reference between primary fields for action type and action type. Change Primary Field.”

Super confused :confused:

The field in question is a list referring to other things (action types), which are made up a name and timestamp. The primary field for this field is the action type’s name.

I don’t see why I had no issue with it in the past days and suddenly there’s circular reference error (which I fail to see).


Edit: Given I’ve not changed anything to this view since yesterday, and given there is no apparent circular reference, I classified this as a bug as I can’t see what else this could be at this stage.


I have the same bug …

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me three

Time to send a bug report? @eve

Same problem on my side

Possible that on my side it’s just a display bug but not in treatments. What about you ?

Same here :joy:

Hello, everyone,

Thanks for raising this to our attention! We have seen your bug reports and are currently investigating. Our team will provide an update here as soon as possible.


Hey guys - just noticed the same exact issue in my app. Didn’t seem to show this “error message” yesterday…

Yeah, seeing the same thing. Hopefully just a visual bug…

I have the same - data looks fine when I click edit though - just appearing when I am first viewing AppData.

Same for me.


Same bug for me this morning ! also, looking at some data, there is an alarming “deleted thing” in the field Created By. Here a couple of screen shots

Hope that @jess and the Bubble team will be able to solve it soon. But in the meantime can we work ? I have just deployed to live a new version before noticing this bug. Will users be affected ? Thanks

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@stefanof Please submit a bug report.

Done :wink:

I have seen the deleted thing in an app and also the circular reference.
Does anyone know if this is causing any further bugs or deeper issues?

Same issue for me here!

Hi @eve

I’m not going to submit a bug report, but every link to a list has the same error.

Hey folks!

We’re aware of this issue, and it has been escalated to our engineering team for a fix. If you’re seeing this and would like updates, please email our team ( so that we can add you to the existing ticket!


Hello, everyone,

Our team has recently deployed a fix for this. Please do test this in your applications to ensure the behavior meets your expectations.