Circular reference evaluating the inputs initial

Hi Bubblers, :grinning:

I need help in figuring this out:

In sign up, I collect company name, first name, email and password from where navigate to “ settings page” where I collect some more inputs.

I am getting an error in debugger- Circular reference evaluating the initial inputs content. What am I doing wrong? Images attached.

Thanks. Best, Narayan

It look like you’ve got circular references on your inputs’ initial content (as the messages say).

Maybe post some screenshots of your inputs’ setups…

Hi Adam,

Here are the screenshots:
Sign up as well as settings page.
Errors are for the three fields where input is new and collected the first time here in setup : ( bio, image n phone number)


The errors are referring to you input elements…

so screenshots of your inputs is what I meant…

But I’m guessing your referring to the input values in the initial content (which is basically what the errors are saying).

Doing that makes no sense - so I’m not sure what you’re trying to do…

But as I said, feel free to share some screenshots of your input elements so I can see your current setup

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