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Circular Reference Setting Styling Conditions

I’m setting styling conditions on some input elements because their default (and uneditable) styling does not match the rest of my site. I can’t understand how these are significant cirular reference issues - they’re reflexive, but certainly not circular…

Am I doing this worng? Is Bubble doing this wrong? Is there a better way?

Example 1 - BDK Phone Number Input

I want this to be highlighted red when an invalid phone number has been entered, as it’s not always imediately obvious that the save button is greyed out because the phone numnber you entered looks right, but it’s not.

Solution: Reflexive (curcular) styling reference:

Phone Number Input

Looks pretty innocuous, right? Bubble doesn’t think so:

Element Input Contact Phone
The plugin Phone number input (bdk) / element Phone input threw the following error: Error: Recursion when evaluating property border_color on element "Input Contact Phone"

Example 2 - Selectize Dropdown

I want to use the same colour placeholder text as all the other elements, and since there is no option to style this on the actual plugin, I have to find another way.

Solution: Reflexive (curcular) styling reference:


Looks nice - can’t do any harm, right? Bubble doesn’t think so:

Element Input Interview Times   Font color
Property contains circular reference to this element