Class Attribute for Repeating Group's cells

Is it possible to assign a Class Attribute to cells in a repeating group? if not, any id how soon is this possibility coming to Bubble? :slight_smile:

Don’t see how it would be possible to even implement that. Why can’t you use the index for your use case?

I need to create chips (tags). I was thinking maybe I could apply some CSS to achieve dynamic width of RG cells. I guess a Class attribute would make more sense in this case. Is it possible to have a class attribute for RG cells?

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Each cell already has a unique id. You could do two things from my point of view.

Add a group that takes up the entire height and width of each cell and the RG and give that group a unique ID. Alternatively you could build a plug-in that modifies or adds an additional unique identifier to the cell. Most likely what you would want to do is add a data tag.

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You can look for the Classify plugin if u still want.

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I found this little gem of a plugin called “Chippify Repeating Group”. I tried it and it works very well. I faced no issues testing it in a test app. And it’s a really simple solution. A big thanks to the author :slight_smile: