Class Registration / Class Booking

I’m trying to create a class booking system on my bubble app which is a part of a CRM system for a martial arts gym. There are a few approaches I am trying to use to create this part but I’m not having any success with them.

1 - I’m wanting to have a class schedule which my members (the class goers) are able to book themselves onto weekly. I need to have a class capacity and to be able to see a list of the users/customers booked on. I need restrictions on class bookings once the classes are full too.

2 - If I can’t create 1, I’m looking to do a ‘class register’. Every event (class) is already pre-scheduled with a list of the users/customers who are attached to that specific class. This needs the ability to add those who are not on the class to it and an option to say if they did or did not attend. I need to be able to see how many attended, so we can look at how full the classes are (this option may be better for what I am aiming to do, and it needs the ability to add people to one class or five classes a week associated with them. If anyone is familiar with the CRM system NEST, it will be similar to their attendance tracker).

3 - If I can’t create either of the above I am looking to create an attendance tracker where I manually type in the date, class name, class type and attach the members to this. This will create a piece of data linked to each member whereby I can look back at attendance trends for classes or. individuals. I need to be able to view lists of who attended what class and when.

If anyone knows how to do any of the above, help would be appreciated. I have managed to create the database, and have been able to create events on a calendar which you can click and view as well as attach a booking to. However, I’m getting stuck on creating reoccurring events in my database, view the class bookings and view class capacity.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Yep, few ways to go about this and give the clients a good outcome too, ill shoot you a DM