🔥 Classify 4: A tiny plugin that brings CSS classes and +

Hey @julienallard1, thanks for the response. This is a little saddening. I do know a little bit of Javascript because I started a basic web developer course along with learning Bubble, but I don’t think I am anywhere near proficient enough to be able to accomplish this.

Can I trouble you a little further to ask if you have some sample code from one of your projects where you used Javascript to accomplish this? I am currently looking at hacking the repeating group instead of coding everything on my own because doing so on every page just seems infeasible for me.
There are 3 elements that need to be targeted as far as I can see- bubble-r-box, bubble-r-line and their parent with classes “bubble element GroupItem group-item entry-x”, where x is the number of the item in the repeating group. If you can provide any guidance on what the javascript for targeting even one of these would look like, then I think I can figure out the other two on my own.