🔥 Classify 4: A tiny plugin that brings CSS classes and +

hey @danschlung , I see that your example contains curved quotes. In your code make sure to use straight double quotes.
If you’re unsure, try using single quotes, I think Classify supports them too.

Thanks for the quick response @julienallard1. It’s still not working on this element. I resolved by wrapping in another element and adding r-page {addClass: “page-padding”}{style: “padding: 60px;”}. No idea why margin isn’t working, but this workaround has solved my problem.

Also, this is just FYI, but I believe the “curved quotes” is just a factor of the default forum font (I don’t have an option to differentiate between straight and curved quotes). Here it is again, in a code block:

{addClass: "margins"}{style: "margin: 60px;"}

and within bubble:

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