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Clean Login & Signup | FREE Template

Hi All,

I’m excited to announce my first template available now on the templates store. Its a simple and clean login & signup page - all in one solution. Be great to have some feedback from the community. There are some fantastic templates out there, so a privilege to be within the collections…
More templates on the horizon.

ADMIN EDIT 02/27/2019: PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NEW IMPROVED VERSION OF THIS TEMPLATE DESCRIBED BELOW BY @luke2 - direct link to that reply: Clean Login & Signup | FREE Template

p.s. this template can quite easily be merged into an existing app

Template product page:

Preview page:

This template offers a clean a simple way of users either signing up to your app or simply logging in with an existing account.




@luke2, very nice looking!

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Great - Thanks for the feedback Keith :+1:

And to the others who liked this post


Hi All,

I’ve decided to release this template as FREE to use, enjoy.

As I’ve updated the template with login as FB, Twitter & Google buttons/graphics. So it can be easily assigned with social login workflows if needed (@keith for this idea).



Template product page:

Preview page:


I can’t access it when I click the links

Nevermind I got it

Dang, @luke2 that looks great!

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Wow, nice looking and very generous of you, @luke2. (I like the behavior of the header too - i.e. left aligned on desktop and centered on mobile. I might borrow that approach. :slightly_smiling_face:)


Nice, but have some questions:

  1. Can I see a list of people who signed up?
  2. Can I see a list of people who are actual logged in
  3. Can I give accept a new signup before the are able to login?
  4. Can I make different access groups and connect a new signup to a group?

thanks a lot for your reaction!

@keith appreciate it!

@sudsy many thanks. Yes the centered logo is always handy when the nav is slightly extended on the width side, then say using a mobile menu icon slider :+1:.

Hey @marco1

These questions are slightly off topic as the template is really just the design shell with the responsiveness enabled. Its there to be ported into an app as a signup page, not offering the functionality.

  1. Yes this would be in the users data type, its a default data type stored in Bubble, these are your users.
  2. This is possible with a plugin such as
  3. This can be implemented as a screening process before users are ‘approved’ and therefore able to login (I’m sure there are posts in the forum covering this topic).
  4. Yes, a few ways of doing this alongside the built in permissions with Bubble under the Privacy roles. Again best to have a quick search for this as I’m sure the topic has been discussed with privacy rules and roles.

Good luck.

Thanks Luke2 for your fast respons.
As I’m new this week, and not familiar with coding, I have a lot to read en search for but I’m making progress every day!
Your reactie gives me just the right direction for that
Thanks again!

Sure, keep digging through the forum and playing with Bubble, it takes time, but will worth it as a platform moving forward.

There was a recent post regarding tutorials which you can find here.

And if you haven’t already, I suggest taking the in app tutorials.


Thanks for the template, it’s a very nice design. Will I be able to redirect new users to different landing pages?


Hey @ken

Must of missed your post notification, sorry about that.

Thanks for the feedback though, appreciated.

Yes that is possible, a split testing type setup. This feature isn’t implemented into the template and is quite specific, so not something I’m planning to add in, but it can very well be done when you use the app template and customise for yourself.

There are a number of ways to go about it though, there may even be a few posts with detailed instructions. If there isn’t, let me know and I’ll create a new guide/post with a simple use case scenario.

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Thanks for your response,


Hi Luke, Thanks very much for this. I just don’t know how to integrate this with my existing app? I cannot see the code of the template anywhere and not sure how I will copy everything as you mentioned? I have a header in which there is sign in and log in buttons and on click of that, it should open your template page. Would you be able to do a video to explain how this can be done?

Hi @kmeenakshi26

Sorry for the slight delay in response, but appreciate the kind words.

Sure, it can be a bit fiddly to port templates into another app, essentially merging things like styles or data types can be tricky. Luckily this is a simple template and from memory the styles are not hard coded (set/saved styles) so that makes things a bit easier.

As for transferring to your existing app e.g. replacing the standard Bubble type popup login to something like a fixed one-page setup, I do have a quick guide as to how to copy things over, please see here:

2nd tab down - How can I use/transfer this template to another app?

Hopefully this makes sense and helps in guidance. You’ll want to change the default header buttons e.g. signup, login to redirect to the new page, so it doesn’t open the default popup.

Let me know if you have any further troubles.


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Oh thanks very much! I will definitely give this a try

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