Clean Slate Roleplay | FiveM Community

Clean Slate | FiveM Roleplay Community

Although the name may not seem like the standard roleplay community name, it captures what we aim to provide to anyone who joins - a clean slate. We are a community that provides a friendly environment, and do not tolerate drama whatsoever.

Our community was started on the 9th August, and we have a fully playable server with an active development team and staff team. Departments are open to recruitment, and positions are available to anyone who is looking to join a future successful community from the beginning.

Our departments:

Los Santos Police Department

San Andreas State Police

Blaine County Sheriffs Office

San Andreas Fire Department

Los Santos Emergency Communications Department (coming soon)

We don’t ask for a mass amount of members, we look for quality over quantity. We highly recommend joining our community if you are looking for a friendly, realistic roleplay experience.