Clear My App Storage

Anyone can help how I can clear my apps storage? or this is an monthly usage limit?

I got this email

that my app has reached more than 70% of its file storage (1.5 GB against 2 GB under your plan).

Thank you in advance.

Go to your file manager (in the data tab) and hit the search button. Then just start deleting what you want to delete.

thanks, is their a way to clear them all at once?

Not that I know of, sorry.

Going toward a future need to be able to delete files, you should when files and images are uploaded save the file or images URL in the database…then when you need to delete it you can use the workflow action to delete an uploaded file and reference the URL to delete the right file from the file manager.

This is needed to clean up the app and clear storage when users abandon the app and have images or files stored that you want to delete easily using scheduled workflow events.

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