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Clear repeating group list when new project add

hey there, i have an issue here for clear repeating group list when new project add

when button new project has click i want the RG list is empty,
what should i do for doing that,
( using display and clear list RG in element actions doesn’t work for me) or tell me the right way to use that,

any solutions?
thanks a lot for looking


This is a

(1) Clear the RG, but keep the data.
(2) you also want to delete the data.

Which is it?

thank you for notice,
i want the first one, clear the RG but still keepthe data in database

how i do that

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hei @bubble_development any help?

I’m sorry. I didn’t get any notification and I’m late in replying.

  1. create a “project” field.

  2. In the workflow of “add project”, create a new record of “project” in “create a new thing”, and set the state(project) of RG to result 1(create anew thing) in “set state”.

  3. Set “when this RG 's state is empty” in the conditional of RG, and return to the data source that was originally set.

How about this?

i m sorry but i dont get it, can you give me example with picture?

i already have database named Project for this,
this is mine

this is my ‘set state’ workflow

my RG call ‘add task list’ which i set custom state named ‘clear’ with ‘text’ type,
and my workflow for set state like picture

sory for confusing you with my explanations, :sweat_smile:

But I’m not sure about the whole thing.
Please let me check it once.

What fields are in the data type “projects”?
Which fields are in which type?

Is “clear” something you created to clear something?

What is the data source for RG?

I’m sorry I gave a half-hearted answer too.

its ok @makara the problem is from me,

  1. here’s my project database


  1. yess i name it clear for purpose to clear/reset the RG
  2. i use ‘Do a search for (Project)’ in the data source on RG

if my answer is confusing you, maybe u can give a example with image
im sorry before

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Thank you very much.

  1. Let’s create a project with “When page is loded”.
  2. set the data type of the page to project and the data source to the project created in step 1. You can probably do this with set state.
  3. “add task button” or “dell task button” should be something that changes the “add task” of the project on the page.
  4. when you click “add project”, you will see

workflow1 make to change current page’s project
workflow2 create new project
workflow3 set state page result2’s project
when input isn’t empty (attention)

  1. Set the RG data source to current page’s projects

What do you think?

Don’t worry about it.
I’m the one who translates from Japanese to English every time I speak, so there was originally a language barrier XD.

I’m sorry if I sounded strange.

thank you very much @makara
its work after all,
its empty when new project added on the page load,
but its also empty in the database :joy: this is my fault on the statement workflow
i will fix some my statement in workflow something wrong there,

thank you for your solutions, its help me to understand.

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I’m glad it went well.

See you on the forum!

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