Clearbit Logo API - How do implement?

How can I add it on bubble?
I can’t find any option under inputs or search box to link to the API

I wanna add it to a form wherein people search for the company and the repeatgroup should pick up the company image from the api and dynamically show it.

Would appreciate the help :heart:


I’ll have it built for you as a plugin hopefully today or at the latest by the end of tomorrow.

I will message you once it’s done.


No-Code Venture

Plugin is ready to use: [Plugin] Clearbit API - Data to power your business

There are basically two options to get the logo, by having it as a GET Response on the page itself as a Data Element or using a Workflow. My recommendation would be the GET Response on the page itself unless you want to do fancy stuff inside Workflows without sending data between elements. :wink: