Clearbit Logo Rendering

I am using format to dynamically show logos from the Clearbit API.

However for websites that do not have a logo, the image is shown as blank. I want to be able to show a default image when clearbit does not render the logo image.

Can someone help here.

Add the photo to a group which is set to align to parent and have your placeholder image underneath?

You can use the defaulting to: on the image > URL
If there is no photo returned, it will use the image of the provided URL as a Default image or placeholder.

screenshot (5)

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much. When I use defaulting to, the default image is being returned even when there is a valid image. the defaulting to seems to be overriding even valid image URLs. I also think that clearbit is returning a blank white image instead of no image which is making it trickier.