Clearing Search Input

When using a search input and clicking the “X” to clear the content, the content doesn’t clear after clicking out of the search input. So if I click on the input, click “X”, and then click away, the inputted content remains in the search box rather than resetting the input. The only way to clear the content is to manually select and delete the inputted text or backspace.

Is there a way for the Bubble team to fix this or am I doing something wrong @emmanuel?


Put all of these search elements inside a group. Label it “Group Search” or something. Create workflow for when X is clicked:

When X is clicked > reset Group Search


@romanmg This is a Bubble default search input, so the X element and every part of this is built into Bubble - no way to reference the X or any of the other elements. When put into a group, I can only reset relevant inputs, which does nothing for this.

Is it easier to build my own search function rather than using Bubble’s? I like that their search input offers the dropdown suggestions.

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