Click here to confirm your email address - Accessing confirmation link in sendgrid when someone registers an account

Hi all,

I’m looking to migrate away from bubble’s default email templating service to use SendGrid instead. I’ve set everything up correctly but I’m having trouble finding the link to confirm the email address when someone registers a new account.

If I go in to languages → CORE confirmation link (CONF_EMAIL_LINK) → I can see where I can adjust the wording but I don’t know how I can access the link itself and style it in SendGrid. Can anyone shed any light as to what I’m doing wrong?

Changing the wording in the Language settings is only if you want to use the built-in Bubble Confirmation email… which you’re not.

To send your own email confrmation, you just need to generate the confirmation token, and then use your own actions to send the email including the token (as explained here Account - Bubble Docs)

Having said that - (at least when I’ve just checked) there is no option to select ‘Just make token, don’t send email’ as the docs mention (and as there is when sending a password reset email or magic link)… so this seems to be a bug… (or maybe it’s just not possible, despite what it says in the Bubble docs)…

I’d contact Bubble support about this if I were you.

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Thanks for your reply @adamhholmes - will follow up with bubble and report back.

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