"Click here to update" in Development Preview will not disappear

As the title suggests, I am in Development Preview mode and cannot get rid of the “Refresh the page for the latest version” banner. Similar topics on the forums have not yielded any information.


I am relieved that this issue does not persist in Live mode.

Are there any additional details I can provide for context? I am happy to share the app, but I am not sure how.

Thank you in advance for your help and time!

I have been trying to isolate some examples of the app not updating in Preview mode.

In the above screenshot I am in Preview mode and I have a navigation button that only appears when the user chooses how many photos they would like to upload, and uploading the appropriate number of photos.

Above is the version that needs to be previewed. Notice the conditions from the first example don’t match up correctly.

It looks as though the refresh to update feature isn’t working properly, and isn’t something with the app itself.

Does anyone else have experience with this issue?

I tried a hard refresh in Chrome (Shift + reload) and the issue seems to be resolved.

If you are experiencing a similar situation please try a hard refresh on your browser.

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