Click icon in RPG and show floating group

I need some help with something I am having a brain fart with. What I am trying to do is show a different floating group for each clicked icon in this repeating group. For example in the picture you will see an “add Food” icon, when this group is clicked I want to show the “add food floating group” and when “add fluid” is clicked I want to show the "add fluid floating group etc. The RPG is pulling from an options set.

Thanks, Allen

Do you mean a floating group, or a group focus?

@yashjaing it is a floating group that comes in via animation. This is for a single page app so I am using the floating groups to create the native app feel

I just made a quick loom to help you out.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@yashjaing Thank for showing that, I understand how to do this is if it is in a static group, however, these icons are in a repeating group and I am unable to click on each icon and create a workflow for each because with a repeating group you only have a single option to create a workflow that is where I was stuck. If I was to follow your recommendation of using only one floating group and custom states to show different data, what would be the best approach with that?