Click on a Repeating Group to view the row's full details

I have a repeating group, containing records (rows) of things called Driver.
The repeating group display shows only 3 fields of each Driver:

I would like to click on any row, which would take me to a new page showing all fields of that Driver. So I added a workflow: When Current cell’s Driver’s GW is clicked, Go to page view_driver. (GW is the left-most field displayed).

Well this works only for the bottom row! Other rows are not clickable.

How can I get the workflow to work on any row?

I’m also puzzled about the appearance of the rows - some have borders and some don’t. That’s not too important but if you can help on this too I’ll be happy!

Hey @rob1, could you share a link to your editor? Might be easier to investigate. Just copy/paste the URL from your editor, and I can take a look.

Thanks - can you tell me how to do that please?

I think I have found a way to do that using a button in each row.
Also I found a problem with my repeating group (the blank line at the top) so that bit is fixed.

Sorry, so were you able to figure out it out with the button?

To share your editor, just copy the URL in your address bar while you have your bubble app editor open. You can paste that here.Make sure your privacy settings are set to Everyone can view (Settings > General)

Hi again,
I have fixed the problem(s).
I somehow messed up the repeating group’s structure so that I had a blank line on top.
Maybe it would be an improvement to make the editor more idiot-proof?

Thanks for the info on sharing editor link.

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