Click through a Floating Group

I have a notification that shows up inside a full-width floating group. The problem is that when the notification shows up, the floating group blocks my clicks for the buttons beneath. I tried using CSS and set pointer-events:none but it didn’t work. How can I achieve this?


I’ve literally just been working through this same issue myself…

In my case I was able to solve this with the pointer-events CSS, and it’s working fine…

So perhaps you’ve set up the CSS incorrectly.

Maybe share some more info about what you’ve tried, and/or some screenshots so I can see where your mistake is - but if you do it right it should work.




The id is there but the css property is not.

I’m using the new responsive engine. You achieved this using the new responsive?

Yes, I’m using the new responsive engine…

Anyway, you need to include # in your CSS code to identify the element id
#noclick {pointer-events:none}

That should do it…


LOL, such a dumb mistake, thanks bud! Have a nice day!

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