Clickable Button Not Clicking

Create account button is not clickable.

Made sure the element is in the front, Console shows no click on it, Inspect shows no click action and the element is clickable.

There is no header on this page and no conditionals set.


any required input in the workflow?

email, password and terms…

It’s odd that the console is not even seeing the action on the page…

If an input value is used in a workflow, the workflow will not be triggered untill the input is valid. It means that if an input is marked as required the workflow using it will not be triggered when the input is empty. You will not see any log of this, only the corresponding invalid style will be showed.

Want to share a link to your editor or preview? It’s probably the only way anyone will be able to help you with this to be honest.

Going to take a quick look and see if this is the issue…

Found it - password policy was not being followed on password length so the button would not click. Did not know that was part of the password policy feature. That’s why I did not see the workflow start nor the Console track the scripting. Need to put an alert that the password is not long enough.

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