Clickeable buttons or text when inputs are invalid

Hi! I have a problem: in a pop up there are inputs that can be invalid, apparently this causes that all of my buttons and clickeable texts turn no clickeable. I need them to be clickeable even if there are invalid inputs, cause i need the workflows dependents of those buttons and texts, to be running.

Someone knows if this is possible?


Do not set the inputs as required. (Don’t check “must not be empty”.)

Thanks, but even if a I do that, inputs still invalid, cause I set a range for them. So, if the input is not valid (i.e. is not empty), the button still no clickeable.

So, here’s the deal: Features like “this input should not be empty” and the built-in “is valid” state for inputs (and groups with inputs) are handy shortcuts that in many, many cases save a lot of time in creating common interface scenarios and eliminate the need for a lot of state-tracking and simple, but kind-of-annoying-to-build-all-the-time workflows (that would be used to do the same tricks).

But there’s nothing keeping you from doing that sort of state tracking yourself. In this case (where the combination of built-in shortcuts don’t help), you can create your own states for tracking whatever input conditions you need.

So, basically, you will build your own such states and evaluate those. (You may not need to even track anything with variables [custom states] if you can express the conditions with built-in evaluations like “is empty” or “input’s value is < x and input’s value is > y”, etc.) On your button, you then can decide how the button appears, whether it is visible, whether it is clickable, etc.

But in this case you wouldn’t evaluate the “is valid” state as that doesn’t yield what you want and you can’t alter the rules used there.

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