Clicking a repeating group cell not working on mobile


I have a repeating group. Each cell in the repeating group, when clicked starts a “toggle” workflow that reveals a hidden group within that cell. It works fine except on mobile nothing happens when I click the repeating group’s cell. Is there any particular reason this is happening? I can’t figure it out.

Hi there, @phrase9… it’s hard to say what might be going on, but I have seen situations where, depending on what is actually being clicked to make the toggle happen, the clickable “area” is either not accessible (i.e., it is behind something else even though it might still be visible) or it is not where you think it is on mobile because of the responsiveness settings of it and/or something/everything around it. Do you think that’s what could be happening here?


Thanks. I made a mobile size conditional to increase height of body group where the repeating group was in, and it works now. Either that or I wasn’t clicking hard enough the first time lol

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