Clicking through a repeating group product photo gallery

I’m confused about a quick fix to the repeating group product gallery on my shop page.

The button on the right has workflows attached to it that make the photos cycle through, but I can’t get the button on the left to do the same. What am I not understanding?

One workflow

Second workflow

Here’s what the front end looks like. The yellow chevron on the right works, and lets me click through the photos in the group, but the one on the left does not. What do I need to change about its workflows?

Can you include some screenshots of the workflow you tried for the left button?

all I did was change +1 to -1 for now and then wasnt sure what else to do.

I noticed you have an ‘Only When’ on the right button, do you have one on the left, and how is that configured?

Same as on the right, I copied it over

Does it work when you remove the ‘Only When’?