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I am currently in the process of creating an app that helps hotels manage their pool and the sitting of guests around the pool.
My potential clients, hotels executives, are asking me to provide security process because their clients, hotel guests, are giving out sensitive information that is collected by my app, such as phone number and name.
They say my company has access to this sensitive data and since I am a third party company to them, I need to provide security process to ensure the data collection is safe and data is not being used by my company and belongs to them as primary users of the app.

I am not really sure what they mean by “provide them with security process” regarding the data. Is there anyone that has experience regarding sensitive data collection as a third party company ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi there, @m.santhonnax… when it comes to Bubble and security, this post is certainly a good place to start.


Hi @mikeloc , thank you, I’ll have a look.

I believe my question is a little specific since it concerns data collection as a third party company tho.

Hey @m.santhonnax,

Check out Security | Bubble

I recommend shooting an email to for specific security related questions.

Hey @johnny thank you for your reply. Will do !