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Client rename text field

I am trying to make the app fairly customized from clients perspective. With this I am looking for a way to have a text field or a label out beside an input field and I would like for the client to be able to rename this field so it is something they would recognize for them instead of something I have would assign. I would have a default name but I would want them to be able to change for their user account so that way they don’t have to change it every time they login.

Hey Eric :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum! This is definitely possible. Within the data type you have, create a new field that is type text. Then, you can either set the default value of that field to be your chosen Default Name (so the field isn’t empty to begin with). Or, you can keep the field empty by default, and have the input’s contain initial content be the Default Name (you would just type this in in the property editor where it says ‘Initial Content’).

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