Client Side Data?

Is there client side data in bubble? If so, how do I use it?

You can load data client side and reference it through a few mechanisms.

You can set the data source for the page (for example, to be equal to a particular user). You can do the same for groups. Then, in a text field, for example, you could reference the “parent group’s user’s full_name” by inputting that text value as a dynamic value.

You can also load a list of users (or any other “things”) with a repeating group.

You can also use workflows/actions to store a “custom state” on any element. These can be based on data from the database or user’s actions on the page. And, they can be referenced the same way as text fields reference group’s things.

Of course, referencing values works for pretty much all elements and not just text fields.

I also highly recommend you watch Bubble’s training videos to help you get started because they’ll save you tons of time learning the basics. Once you’re ready for intermediate level, then there are a lot of Bubble video tutorials put out by numerous people.

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