Client Side Validation

Hello, am I missing something? I cant seem to find client side validation. Any help in this regard please.

Thank you


Please share more details if possible. Someone surely will help.

Validation of what?

Validation of anything - an iput field - valid certain characters in an input field e.g. If a linefeed is inserted in an input field - I’d like to removed these characters.

Input elements have basic validation: for required inputs check the option this input should not be empty, the email input validates the value automatically, other inputs have other options for basic validation.
For anything more complicated or custom you have the workflows, triggered when the input value change. You can do any check you want on the input’s value and you can manipulate the value before using it in other workflows.

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Thanks for your feedback.
This input should not be empty - is basic validation
and workflows are more server side validation - unless I’m missing something

We are saying the same thing here.

workflows can be client side or server side. If you want client side validation you can use client side workflows and check the data with any logic you want before triggering your business logic.

Generic questions get generic answers :man_shrugging:

Great thanks. I’ll look in this.

Basically I have a input text area - I’ve noticed clients are copying text and pasting the text in the input area (which is fine), but sometimes there is a carriage return at the beginning of the text - which I want to remove.

Thank you

You’re welcome