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i am relatively new to bubble, i am trying to do a clockin and clockout app that when employee clockin, their clockin time and location can be seen by admin, same thing happens when they clock out. also clockin and out can be done either by username and password or by fingerprint. i need help with this

Hi negedu.john,

What do you have created at the moment? I can think of having something like the following…

2 buttons, one for Clock-In and another for Clock-out.
Have a workflow setup for each button and a database table created, say for example called Activity.

When the Clock-In button is pressed, it runs a workflow, saving the currentTime and currentLocation to the Activity table. Same workflow for the Clock-Out button.

If you’ve gone through creating the User Logon process, then when a user is logged in to your app and they press that Clock-Out button, you’re going to be able to see what user that is by referencing the CreatedBy column.

Sounds like you need you’re Clock-In button to run the login process. That way once they’re logged in then you update the Activity table in the same way, you’ll have the CreatedBy column populated with that user which just logged in. Bubble just does this for you.

Admin page can be created and then you can use various conditions / searches / etc to display the data to see what time they logged in / logged out / who it was / times etc…

Hope that makes sense, if you’re really new to Bubble, definitely take a look at the tutorials because they will help you with all this. :slight_smile:

Pork1977gm, thanks for the insight , I will go through the tutorials and secondly can I send you a direct message (private message )

Sure, feel free to send us a message.

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