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Clone/Copy Type

It could be great if it were possible to clone Types.

My app assumes creating a lot of identical types (with the same fields) and right now each time I have to set up each type manually (I mean - adding fields).

Thx in advance.

We’ll put that on our list.

I’m curious though: why do many of your types have the same fields? Why not having one type and then one field that is a sub-type?


Could you please describe what you mean by sub-type (couldn’t find in documentation).

In my case: each type contains specific set of question (I’m building test-type app), which are therefore displayed in repeating groups.

Could you go into further detail about your data model? I’m not sure if it’s similar to what I’ve built. It’s a quiz that selects questions based on the initial category chosen.

Hey, Scott

Actually yes, my app is pretty much similiar: I also have raitings and option to submit a question.
But there are also differences. I have 9 questions’ categories and within each category I have several tests (and we’ll be adding more) each containing 10 questions.

My current logic is the following:

  1. I have a screen where you can choose a category you want to practice
  2. When you choose category you are navigated to the page with tests of respective category.
  3. Then you choose the test and get directed to the page with questions and answers (constructed as a repeating group).
    My current logic assumes that for each test (contating 10 questions) I have to create new database and new page (and than change the source of repeating group to the new database).

Sorry for the longrid. It’d be great if there was a way to optimize the logic I described.

By sub-type, i’m not talking about a Bubble concept, but more an idea. Let’s say you have 3 types ‘Child’, ‘Adult’, ‘Teenager’. These three types share a ton of fields, like name, age, gender, etc.

You could very well do one type ‘person’ and have a field ‘category’ or ‘subtype’, which would be ‘adult’, ‘child’, ‘teenager’. that way, only one type of things. Makes sense? Not sure it applies to your case though.

Thx, emmanuel.

I’ve got your idea. I think it’s not applicable for my above-described case, but it could be applicable to another one.

Created a new topic for that one: Facebook "Like" Mechanics

@Kirill21 here’s one way to model your data:
A question has several possible answers (list of answers) and one of them is correct. The answer is also a type that has a text field and a yes/no field - indicating if is this the correct answer.

A test has a list of questions and a list of categories (or just one if a test only ever belongs in a category). You might also want to keep a separate list of possible categories - when you add a category to a test, it can only be one from that list.

On your first page display all the categories (from the list of possible categories).

On the next page, do a search for all tests that are tagged with that category.

Then have a page that knows how to display a test - go through each question and display the possible answers, when the user selects one, see if the “correct” flag is set to yes. Let us know if you need more help, and of course, happy holidays!