Cloning - finding inspiration from other designs

Hello everyone,

This is my first time using the forum. Be kind. :smile:

I am looking to build an application / community website that centers around supporting people who grow their hair out to donate it.

I have many ideas of how the app would function but my primary goals are to:
1.) Gamify hair growth with challenges to complete and milestones to achieve

  • ex: 3 months with a picture confirmation increases a progress bar.

2.) have social profiles that people can be proud of

3.) have a community to support and be supported by
-either from a news feed or live chat.

I recently stumbled on and was surprised to how close the ideas in my head were to how he executed his website. I was wondering what methods I could take to learn about the ways he accomplished his website. for example:

-The sign up process is ingenious and is something I would like to iterate on.
-The discover tab and its feed, people, job, and companies portion. I don’t know how he does this without changing the url string

I am a student, I am very new and would like as much constructive feedback as I can get.
I know this will take time and energy to learn but I figured it would benefit me to reach out to fellow bubblers first.

THANK you for your time.

I go through other applications to get inspiration and insight regularly to figure out how to execute. If it is a software I sign up for it and use it and analyze what type of information is used/manipulated to help construct what the database would need.

I look at the flows, for things like signup or listing creations. I basically look at how the app works to get an idea of what I need to do. Take it page by page.

Look at the URL and see what is in it when you navigate through the tabs. You don’t necessarily need to understand all the syntax they may or may not use to understand if they are changing the URL string.

If your ultimate concern is how to do it in bubble, there is a lot to it and starting with the free tutorials, or youtube channels bit by bit, until it all comes together for you.

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