Close Account with Licining apps

Hey Bubble Community,

i have a licining Plattform.
When a user closes It´s account he should not be able to login to the application again.

Any experiences how to build this in bubble ?

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Hi there, @dev17… one way to go about doing what you have described is to have a field on the User data type that you set to a particular value when a user closes their account. For example, it could be a yes/no field labeled closed, and you set it to yes when a users closes their account. Then, when a user attempts to log in, you check their closed field, and if it is set to yes, you redirect them to another page.

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An obvious solution would be delete the user account and all the information. However, what if you just want to make the account inactive?

To mark it as inactive, create an Active field of type Yes/no. Update this field to No when you want to disable an account. On login, allow a user to login only when this field is marked as Yes.

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Hey, Thank you both very much!!

Great help of yours!!
Have you had any experiences with subscription models.
So when the user deactivated his account the payment will stop?

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It depends on what you mean by deactivated, but the payment is not going to stop without an explicit action to stop it. So, when a user closes their account, you could have a workflow that sets the aforementioned yes/no field to the appropriate value, and the workflow could also include a step that ends the user’s subscription. At that point, you would have a “deactivated” user (i.e., a user who can no longer log in) who is no longer getting billed for a subscription.

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