Closure Compiler (Why aren't we supporting latest stable ECMAScript)


Hey bubble team,

I have hit this issue now for the third time (And I still have on hold 2 other plugins because of this). It seems like the closure compiler (minification) running on the plugin editor when submitting a new version does not support some of the new javascript stuff like


I don’t want to publish my plugins with un minified code (to keep source safe) and I don’t want to rewrite/refactor the code (a reinvestment of my time)

When can we expect an update to the closure compiler to support some of the new stuff in ECMAScript 5 and so on…

Also, why can’t we clearly communicate the currently supported version of Node and JS in the plugin editor and app editor?

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I can only agree. I face this issue for the first time last week and needed to release an unminified version.

Can you fill out the Bug Report here with reproducible steps? We’ll take a look and pass on to engineering.

Already did a while ago for another plugin. I was told to skip the closure compiler.
But will do again…

Just did

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