Cloudbed widget into Bubble

Has anybody integrated a CLoudbed widget into a Bubble website?

I am building a real estate website and we use Cloudbeds for property management.
We have our properties available in and Airbnb, we want to create a centralized website for some of our properties.

I’ve never done it before. I googled to find out exactly what you are referring to, and it looks simple to set up.

You should be able to get the html code for the Cloudbed widget. Copy and paste that code into a Bubble HTML element.

I am building it for a client, once they give me access to the widget I will try the html code. Thank you Tim!

If we had many rooms, do you think I have to connect them to the database in Bubble? Have any idea how I can connect the database of Cloudbeds to Bubbles?

They have an API. If you don’t have any experience with setting up an api, this can be pretty confusing.

It would be easier to use cloudbed as your database instead of trying to sync your bubble DB with your cloudbed DB

Hey Tim,

it didnt work. We put the widget in the HTLM thing. It shows on the UI builder but not on the previews.

Can you help?

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