Cloudflare giving wrong IP address


I need some help understanding why I’m getting this message after adding the A record to Cloudflare. Did I do something wrong?

Trying to get a site live so would appreciate some guidance.



I’ve been seeing this issue for quite a while now as well, I’m using Cloudflare too. @josh @emmanuel @neerja, what’s going on?

yea Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,

Using Cloudflare shows Cloudflare’s IP address rather than that of your app. For apps that are running into issues due to this, we can potentially disable the DNS check.

It would be good if you could do that, because I can’t change the email for my app without that check.

I also cannot set the SSL until this check is approved. So if we could override it that would be great.

Thanks @neerja for clearing the way for me to finish the set up. I have the SSL setup up now for the site. A knock on issue appears to be a warning that I keep getting when trying to preview the dev site. I think there is some check in there that wants to tell me that the IP address hasn’t been verified yet but then continues on with no real impact. It’s a minor issue to me but someone getting it not understanding this thread might see it differently. Thanks again for your efforts and support.

Please email Support with link to your app to disable DNS check as a temporary workaround for using Cloudflare.

Do we still need to email support for this issue? as I am getting the same problem.


Yes, please email support with a link to your app.