CMJ Solutions | Cheapest Cad $1.5

Total Cads:

Cheapest Cad: $1.5, Expensive Cad: $10

I Currently Only Sell Full Access Cads, Meaning You Can Fully Edit The Cad. These Cads Are Purchased From Other Providers And Redistributed For A Cheaper Price.

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Hmm… interesting. A CAD cheapest for $1.50, and most expensive for $10.00. Seems like it’s a template…

Go look for a legit place that makes things from scratch with nice UI.

Let’s get it straight first, this is not a scam so don’t be a jackass and come saying that. I’m a reseller if you where apart of the Cad selling you would notice. Next time think before you type something delusional. In addition lets consider the fact I have multiple buyers who have vouched.

:+1: Oh my bad, not a scam. But I was right about one thing, templates. Not a high-quality product for one specific customer, but the distribution of the same system to others.

Still, stand by my statement.

Go look for a legit place that makes things from scratch with nice UI.

Sadly those do generally cost x5 more. These are also high quality “templates” there not shit. Your just putting them to be that do you even create cads?

Never said the word, “shit.” You’re the only one that said that :slight_smile:

Yes, I actually do create CAD/MDT systems, with that I do program Bubble applications. In addition to both of that, I also code HTML, CSS, and Javascript… and I also research UI and UX, so I can really tell if some UI and UX are terrible or not :slight_smile:

Mhm when u sellin them good cads den?

They are sold with a Limited Liability Company. Speaking of which, are you even legally registered?

T h i s d ud e said legally registered

I’ll take that as a no.

Still selling as always

Still selling

I know a business for you, feel free to DM Kai C.#8445

Nope, I make my own systems and already work at an LLC so that’d be a hard pass.

Still selling

hi i would like to look in to your cad the discord link is not working for me can you give me another one